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Security, professionalism and cutting edge Web 3.0 technologies for your business—all guaranteed with Coinsulting. Fintech isn't enough anymore. The time has come to spearhead a brand new, innovative industry based strictly on a new metaverse economy!

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Consulting for the web 3.0 industry

Our experience with IT stretching back to 2006 takes our services much further than strictly consulting. With our help, you don't need to be a blockchain, tokenization, NFT, cryptocurrency or a mining expert to start a related business.

Coinsulting stands ready to assist with appropriate expertise for your licensing and crypto-related business needs in Estonia, Lithuania, Switzerland, UK and other on request. We offer risk assessment, strategy, legal and customized IT-related services.

Value digitisation

Reactivate the powers of your imagination. Imagine fraud proof digital property titles made possible by value and asset digitisation. Tokenization goes beyond NFT alone—it's a brand new kind of economy: meet tokenomy


Maximize your returns by excluding a trusted third party. Offer transparent and fail-proof financial services based on your own decentralized or public systems.


Web 3.0 means revolutionary new possibilities. What comes into view is your innovative financial sector-based business utilizing the distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrency.


Our services

What follows are the four pillars offered by Coinsulting to bring your digital industry-based business into the world of tomorrow.


Professional advisory services

Every journey begins with a single step and Coinsulting offers to shoulder its heaviest burdens for you. Grow your business with the help of our economy, legal, banking, technology, business and marketing experts.

Consulting isn't just about access to expert knowledge. It also extends to building an optimal business and networking strategy. Symbiotic, cooperative relations between trade partners allow for benefits to be reaped by all involved.


Compliance? Licensing? - Leave it to us

Open up a new company or branch of your cryptocurrency and blockchain business in Estonia, Lithuania, Switzerland, UK and other on request. We will help you with:

  • Establishing an organizational structure.
  • Compiling the required documentation, procedures and software.
  • Acquiring all the necessary licenses.
  • Creating appropriate AML/KYC policies.

Based on your selected jurisdiction, an appropriate crypto licence will be necessary before you are open for business. Great Britain requires a Crypto License UK - FCA Crypto Registration under the AML/CTF regime. In Estonia, the licence you will need will depend on your business being either an exchange or a mining operation. Switzerland may require of you a FinTech or banking license, to be fully compliant with FINMA regulation.


Tax policy and payment strategies? - We have you covered

The world of finance is fraught with challenges having to do with regulation and fraud prevention. We will assist you in creating a TAX policy and entering into a cooperation with a tax office best suited for your needs. We will help you secure the appropriate payment channels and bank accounts.

We will run a risk assessment process for you as well as GDPR and other local regulation-compliant payment strategies. Streamline the operations of your business in a stressless fashion thanks to predetermined work standards and advanced internal procedures. An advanced work culture goes beyond mere transparency. At the end of the day, it is customer satisfaction that truly matters.


A complete dedicated IT infrastructure for your business

IT systems based on the blockchain, NFT and cryptocurrency require an added level of security and reliability. We will create for you IT systems customized for the needs of your business and based on state of the art technologies. With Coinsulting, expect:

Value digitalization

We will tokenize your business based on a blockchain best suited for its needs. Depending on their function, the tokens may end up being payment tokens, stable coins, utility tokens, NFT or a Security Token (STO).


Token emission will take place in a decentralized exchange based on the initial DEX Offering (IDO) preceded by prior launchpad incubation to enable early-stage token sale. Profit from smart contracts by lending cryptocurrency in the DEX exchange as liquidity mining.

Metaverse economy

We can supply you with a blockchain-based metaverse economy, which—based on your needs—can facilitate a virtual reality in-world economy or NFT tokens for mixed reality systems.

IT Infrastructure

We will equip you with a customized DeFi and Web 3.0 IT infrastructure. This will allow you to create DApps while sidestepping centralized components and any mining-dedicated infrastructure.

Settlement systems

We will develop and implement for you an appropriate, durable medium post-transaction settlement infrastructure — reliably stable and integrated with your bookkeeping system.


A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) uses its native token whose holders are entitled to make decisions within the organization based on owning it. An automated computer program does the work of creating a particular result based on token holders voting on common aims.


Earned trust

We have completed dozens of IT-related projects since 2006 for:

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